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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Unique Wedding Centerpieces

These days many couples are looking for ways to kick their wedding décor up a notch. Table centerpieces are one of the most effective ways to accomplish this. Though customary flower arrangements are beautiful, many other centerpiece alternatives exist. Check out these unique table decorations to help set your wedding reception apart.

Branching Out
Want your reception to resemble Central Park? Consider using tall tree branches as centerpieces. You could also make these centerpieces interactive and encourage guests to write well wishes and hang them on the branches.

You’ll have to do a little research to determine which trees are blooming in your area at the time of your wedding and which branches will hold up best. Pairing the tall vases of branches with smaller flower bouquets or candles will make the look even more unique.

Feeling Fishy
One way to really wow your guests is to use a fishbowl with live fish as your centerpiece. You can choose a single beautiful beta fish, have a "couple" of goldfish, or select a beautiful fish in your favorite color(s).
Along with the fish, you could opt to include floating flowers, floating candles, fun glass beads, seashells, or even an underwater figurine. To add even more pizzazz, you could surround the base with flowers, fabric or even grass.   

Freshly Squeezed
A great way to add more drama and color to a centerpiece, without doubling your budget, is to incorporate fresh fruit into the design. It not only adds volume to the display, but it also catches guests’ attention with its vibrant colors and creativity. When selecting the fruits for your centerpiece, be sure that they will not brown when cut and that they will hold up in water. Citrus fruits are typically the most popular for these types of designs.

Unusual greenery, entertaining displays, and surprising non-floral elements make these wedding centerpieces unique. Bloomin’ Bouquets encourages couples to think outside the box for decorating their big days.



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  1. Awesome and Unique Wedding Centerpieces!! Those rose bouquets are so beautiful. I like the way these were used with lemons as table centerpieces. Currently I have been busy in making a list of Malibu wedding venues for our destination ceremony. Can you help me in finding an affordable venue?