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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

3 To-Dos After the Wedding is Over

You feel the warm sand once more, drink the last of your frozen drink, and say farewell-for-now to the bright Caribbean sun. The honeymoon was pure bliss, and now it's back to "real" life! Real, MARRIED life - so exciting! It's officially time to catch up on responsibilities and after-wedding details!

You probably spent the last couple weeks or months wrapped up in final wedding planning, so now it's time to pay attention to the stuff and people you may have overlooked or under-appreciated during that crazy time!

Here are 3 post-celebration reminders to help you wrap things up after the wedding:

1. Thank your parents,

... Or whomever helped you plan, pay, or stay sane during the wedding planning process. A lot of time and money (understatement!) and effort went into helping you plan your beautiful day. Taking the time to write a nice note and even surprise them with a photo book of your favorite wedding pictures is a sincere, thoughtful way to show your thanks!

Wedding Paper Divas

2. Keep in touch with your wedding party.

It's easy to take advantage of all the support and love thrown your way during the wedding, especially from your bridesmaids and groomsmen. It's important to make them feel like they were more than just compliments to your wedding pictures, and that your friendship extends past the wedding commitments. Remember to call them up and let them know how much you appreciate them, and then continue to stay in touch as your start your married life with your new spouse.

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3. Write thank you notes as soon as you can!

Create an organized list of all the presents you've received, and then plan to tackle them with your spouse after work, a couple notes a day. Don't forget to include anyone who did special things for you, like let you borrow your "something old", or your vendors who went the extra mile to make your wedding magnificent. Letting your spouse help will alleviate a lot of stress of checking off the thank you note list. He's got bad handwriting? No problem - let him help seal envelopes, put stamps on, and read addresses aloud to help you out.

United With Love
Stay tuned for our next blog including a to-do list of technical things you'll need to do after the wedding, with plenty of tips and advice, like changing your name and ordering photos!


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