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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Why Flowers...

(Photography by: Four Corners)

"Why flowers?" This is a common question I have heard since I have worked for Bloomin' Bouquets over the past year. I do not see or hear this as a demeaning question, but I can tell that people ask more out of curiosity (because let’s be honest sometimes it does not make sense to everyone that we work in the creative industry). I have had many conversations on why I do what I do. Why was I not using my nonprofit degree? What was it for me that got me into florals in the first place? After many jobs in search of a place where I truly enjoy the work I do, I recognized that I wanted to do something creative working with my hands that made an impact. I did not want to do something against what people liked nor did I want to just blend into the background of my previous jobs. I wanted to be someone that impacted others in a joyful way.

And I have recognized at Bloomin' that we have the opportunity to do this everyday. We choose flowers for a venue and a bride that make an impact. We do not choose flowers that go against the wishes of a bride or an event coordinator. We do not choose flowers that stand out like a sore thumb and take all the attention off the purpose of the wedding itself. Nor do we want our flowers just to blend in with the event. We would never want someone who attended an event we worked on to say, "Flowers, what flowers?" or on the opposite end say, “Those flowers looked awful!” We do want to have flowers that flow with the aesthetics, but also elevate the aesthetics in the room. We want the room to become more alive than it would be if they weren't there. We want the flowers to elevate and shape the ceremony in such a way that it magnifies the bride, her aesthetics, and her own personality. Our job is to make things more beautiful than what it was before. As people, whether you are in the creative industry or not, we are all called to leave this earth better than we found it. Hopefully for you, today, the answer for your personal why question, would be so that you could make an impact and leave things more beautiful as well.

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