Bloomin' Bouquets

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Flowers Speak Louder Than Words

            When I look at flower arrangements at big events like weddings, I am all about the aesthetics. What catches my eye? What compliments the design of the room? What makes me feel passionate? Wistful, even! For me, it’s the use of colors, shapes, and inventive designs that excite me. But have you ever thought about the flower itself? Did you know that different flowers have various meanings? Even colors can change significance!
Bloomin' Bouquets

Bloomin' Bouquets
Many of our guys can probably remember being in middle school or high school, trying to decide whether to get a girl a yellow or pink carnation – or, the most DARING of all, RED. After all, they didn’t want to send the wrong message. Is it love, or just a crush? Well, most times, we received the yellow or pink, as the red would have been far too bold of a statement, and the 8th grade dance just wasn’t a “forever” kind of commitment.
But whatever colors of carnations or roses you’ve ever received from love ones, they have meant something very specific. The Society of American Florists has even compiled a list of flowers and colors and what they represent (see it here). 

The Ancient Chinese used to select specific flowers for big events based on their symbolic meaning (ex. The Peony symbolized wealth, high societal status, and good fortune to come).

Further along in history during the Victorian Era of the 1800s, table décor and flower arrangements became more about a fashion statement. A variety of styles of floral arrangements came about, some even incorporating tropical fruits! Flowers were still used as symbols of greater meanings. For example, the Madonna Lily was often used at weddings as a sign of fertility and chastity.
Madonna Lily
But why do we put flowers on the table? Some historians suggest we can trace floral table décor all the way back to the Ancient Romans. They used flowers to perfume both rooms and foods. It’s no wonder the arrangements ended up in places where people congregated – like the center of the dining room table!

Flower arrangements for your tables may make your reception smell wonderful too, but they also create the tone for your reception and the ambiance for your celebrants.

Bloomin' Bouquets
Plus, you get to share a little part of the day’s beauty with your guests as they dine -- After all, the day isn’t about you – I mean, what are you….the BRIDE?? Oh, wait…
Bloomin' Bouquets

So maybe you choose to incorporate Hibiscus because of its vibrant, fun color --  or maybe it’s because it means “delicate beauty”. Either way, your arrangements should represent YOU! … because sometimes flowers can speak louder than words… and at the very least, make you feel something.

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