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Sunday, October 27, 2013

You may now pin the boutonniere!

You’ve picked the design for your bridal bouquet! The floral precedent for your wedding day has been set – so where do you go from there? Spotlight on your handsome hubby-to-be! What will he be donning on the Big Day? You also can’t neglect his groomsmen... and, of course, the Father of the Bride!

Bloomin' Bouquets

Boutonnieres play a big role in the wedding design, adorning and complementing the men’s attire. They often match the design of the bridal bouquet, but the possibilities are limitless. From bold and adventurous, to elegant and classic, designs are unique to each wedding theme. And the boutonnieres can be different for every member of the wedding party -- but the groom’s boutonniere should traditionally be more elaborate than that of the groomsmen and Father of the Bride. After all, the bride and groom are the stars of the show!

Bloomin' Bouquets

Boutonnieres have been around for centuries, originating in the 1600s. Similar to the bridal bouquet, boutonnieres were worn to protect from diseases, odors, and even evil spirits. The word “boutonniere” literally means “buttonhole” in French, with the flowers originally worn through the top button hole on the man’s jacket. Boutonnieres were worn for all kinds of events from formal affairs to day-to-day fashion statements. 

Bloomin' Bouquets

In the 20th century, famous male celebrities and actors were seen in movies sporting various styles of boutonnieres, showcasing the masculinity of using flowers within a man’s uniform.

Cary Grant was one actor known for frequently bearing a boutonniere… and boy, did he have the ladies’ hearts beating!!
Cary Grant

Today, boutonnieres are typically reserved for more formal affairs like proms, homecomings, and (ta-da!)… weddings! But who knows? Vintage is “in”, and maybe the trend will circle around so that boutonnieres are a day-to-day accessory again.

Bloomin' Bouquets

And hey, if more men walked around looking like Cary Grant, I know I personally wouldn’t hate it…

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