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Sunday, October 13, 2013

What will you carry down the aisle?

By the time many women are engaged, they’ve already dreamed about what kind of wedding they want to have. Maybe it’s an extravagant black tie affair, a down-home country barbecue, or even a theatrical masquerade of medieval costumes. Maybe that bride is YOU. 

(Bouquet by Bloomin' Bouquets)

You’ve imagined yourself a thousand times, walking down the aisle, headed toward your handsome groom while you are excitedly clutching your bountiful bouquet made of dill and garlic. ---- Wait, dill? Garlic? Well, if you’d gotten married during the Middle Ages, there’s a good chance that’s what you would have carried.

(Dill bouquet)
(Mixed garlic and floral bouquet)
History suggests that bouquets were originally made of herbs and spices during the time of the Plague so that brides could protect their nose and mouth from those around them during the ceremony.  Many thought the herbs had a protective quality and found comfort in the scent of a pungent posy. 

Obviously things have taken a turn for the better over the centuries, with brides now substituting more aesthetically pleasing (and better smelling!) objects in their bouquets. The meaning has changed over time as well, with flowers becoming representations of love, loyalty, and a bright future for the couple – an extension of the bride’s beauty and love for her partner.

(Modern bouquet by Bloomin' Bouquets)

As for planning, the bridal bouquet is truly where it all begins when it comes to decor for the whole event!  When brides come in to Bloomin’ Bouquets, the first thing we talk about is the theme and vision for the wedding and then immediately start designing the bouquet. It helps us figure out the rest of the floral designs once the big decision of the bouquet has been made!
(Bouquet by Bloomin' Bouquets)

Many modern brides use their bouquets to represent their own unique taste and style! And with so many choices, there are endless possibilities.  From white calla lilies to pink roses, baby’s breath to bedazzled brooches, brides are getting creative with their choices and Bloomin’ Bouquets is there to help!

(Bouquet by Bloomin' Bouquets)

We can all be glad the days of garlic and dill bouquets are behind us! Unless that’s your vision of course, and then hey – we can make the magic happen!  So the big question is … what kind of bouquet will you be carrying down the aisle on your wedding day?

(Bouquets by Bloomin' Bouquets)

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