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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Opportunity Knocks

In any business, when opportunities come along, you must seize the day - especially in the whirlwind of the wedding world! So when the occasion arose to fill in for a florist at a Bridal Show last minute, Bloomin’ Bouquets was at the ready for another adventure. We were lucky enough to have “friendors” (friends, who also happen to be vendors for events such as weddings), A Big To Do Event, at the Bridal Show who asked us to take part and showcase our talents. It was an exciting opportunity to show new brides-to-be what Bloomin’ Bouquets is designing in the studio.

During our exciting day on display at the show, we ran into one of our favorite wedding photographers, Julie Neil.  When Julie mentioned she was on the way to an engagement shoot at the end of the event, we offered our bouquet from the day for the photographs. She said sure! -- Another opportunity presenting itself! She was able to bring one of our beautiful bouquets along for the shoot, and we had the opportunity to be featured in the endearing engagement pictures of a beautiful couple.  Win-win!  For Bloomin’ Bouquets, opportunity is knocking on all doors… and we’re ready to answer.

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