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Monday, December 16, 2013

Meeting With Your Florist

When I got engaged, the first thing I bought was a planning book with a month-to-month timetable and checklist inside so that I knew what needed to be done, and when, for the wedding. For instance, eight to ten month before: find your dress. Three to four months before: order your wedding cake. Even with a checklist, it is very overwhelming to know how to go about it all. So here's a little help with how to approach your florist with your ideas.

First things first, make sure you book your florist as soon as you can. Talented florists fill up their schedules quite quickly - especially during busy wedding seasons! Once you have committed to your florist, it's nice to know what you can bring as the bride to the table so that there is some direction. After all, everyone is working on the same team to give you the wedding you've always imagined --- so don't be afraid to share those ideas!

For instance, one of our brides didn't want petals in any of her flowers. So Bloomin' Bouquets created the beautiful yellow bouquet below for her and her bridesmaids:

Maybe you don't know exactly what you want. That's where Pinterest can help. Visually, having a Pinterest boards is a great starting tool. It helps your florist understand the kind of colors and shapes that excite you.

It is also very helpful if you come into your design meeting already having picked out both your dress and your bridesmaids dresses. Having your wedding dress picked out helps your designer work on finding flowers that compliment the shape of the dress, and having the bridesmaids dresses picked out helps with the overall color palate and theme of the wedding.

Most important of all, be as flexible as you can be. Just like produce, flowers have peak seasons. Letting the season of your wedding guide you can help you use your money in the wisest way possible. For example, sunflowers are in-season for fall weddings, or calla lilies during the summer months.

So bring all of your ideas to your meeting and don't be shy about sharing your thoughts. Just make sure to keep an open mind....and always remember that everyone involved in this planning process is working toward one goal: making your wedding absolutely incredible.

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