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Sunday, January 19, 2014

2014: The Year of Radiant Orchid

As we ring in the new year, it's no surprise that most of us start thinking about resolutions. Maybe we promise ourselves that we'll hit the gym at least 4 times a week, or perhaps we vow to keep in touch with friends and family more often than just birthdays and holidays. Either way, a new year can mean an opportunity for a fresh start for many of us; it's a chance to say, "This year, I'll do better. This year, my actions will define who I am and who I have always wanted to be."

A new year's resolution is similar to planning your wedding in that aspect. Just as you might ask, "How will I define myself in 2014?," I've frequently found myself wondering, "What will my wedding say about me? How can I showcase myself and my relationship through our celebration?" The obvious answer is through the design and formality of your wedding. It's through the venue, the cake, that amazing dress you put on and said, "This is me." And you can absolutely showcase your personality through your color theme, too.

Pantone, the world-renowned color technology company, has recently released the 2014 Color of the Year. This year, it's Radiant Orchid.  

Photo: Pantone
As Pantone Executive Director Lee Eiseman said in an interview, this pleasing shade of purple was chosen because of its complexity. With undertones of fuchsia, pink, and purple, it has a subtext that reads of intrigue - and the orchid name hints at exotic origins. For brides-to-be, Pantone's color choice couldn't be a better guide. If you're looking to stay in line with the trends of 2014, the Color of the Year name itself inspires flower choice. Purple orchids are a vibrant and stunning choice, one that lends itself to both classic and contemporary wedding celebrations.

Photo: Wedding Decor
So just as the New Year has commonly come to be about defining yourself, you have the same opportunity with your wedding. How will you let colors help speak for you on your wedding day?

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