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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Love Gives Way

Weddings are an amazing time. They are a time to celebrate the freedom of love, happiness, and a hopeful future - a freedom that millions of women, men, and children are denied due to sex trafficking each and every day. Bloomin' Bouquets is hoping to make a difference by teaming up with Love Gives Way to help stop sex trafficking through the beauty of wedding celebrations.

What Are We Doing About It?

Love Gives Way is a local undertaking started by photographer Andy Brophy in 2011 with the mission of ending sex trafficking with the help of the wedding community. Wedding vendors team up with local non-profit anti-sex trafficking organizations to raise both money and awareness for the cause. In 2013, Love Gives Way expanded its reach outside of its home of Atlanta to over 10 cities.

How Does Bloomin' Bouquets Play A Part?

We are proud to announce that Bloomin' Bouquets is now an active vendor in the Love Gives Way community!

We have pledged to donate 7% of all of our proceeds to fight sex trafficking. 

You can see our commitment page here.

What Can You Do?

When you choose any Love Gives Way vendor for your wedding day, you are joining in the fight to end sex trafficking. With every LGW vendor, a portion of your money goes to a local organization to help them raise support. See a list of vendors here

Want To Do Even More?

Engaged couples can leverage their entire wedding celebration to raise awareness for LGW and anti-sex trafficking efforts. Leveraging your wedding day with Love Gives Way means having the opportunity to use your celebration as a platform to spread knowledge about the injustice of sex trafficking. Find out more here.

Bloomin' Bouquets is proud to be a part of the cause, and we hope you join us in support of Love Gives Way by exploring all of the vendors within the LGW community for your wedding. "Let your one day affect her everyday."

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