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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Turning Your Wedding Day into Timeless Art

After all the planning, decisions, time, and money, it's a shame weddings only last ONE day! I mean, c'mon! They should last at LEAST a whole week with what brides and their families go through to get it all together (and vendors and bridesmaids and grooms and ... well, that list is endless)! It's no surprise brides hire a photographer - or three - to catch those precious moments in order to remember the details for years to come. And thanks to the creative souls out there in the wedding community, there are other ways brides can preserve a little piece of their day in addition to the pictures.

Our vendor friend Pat Fiorello is a professional artist helping brides remember their wedding day one beautiful painting at time with her business Fiorello Art & Design. Pat specializes in floral painting, and she can use your beautiful bouquet as inspiration for either a custom oil painting or watercolor painting.


Pat creates art tailored to your tastes -- so whether it's bold, romantic, or dramatic, her Impressionist artistry helps to create a perfect keepsake after the wedding is over!

Another way to preserve the beauty of your wedding day is to literally preserve your flowers by pressing and framing your bridal bouquet! Forever Flower Bouquet Preservation in Roswell, GA does just that!

Barri Nolin and her team have been helping brides cherish their bouquets post-wedding since 1994. Brides can choose to do a partial or full bouquet preservation and can include invitations, boutonnieres, and other meaningful items from the day's celebration.

Photo: Forever Flower Bouquet Preservation

Both Barri Nolin and Pat Fiorello have created amazing ways to turn your bouquets into the timeless art that your wedding celebration warrants. It's a chance to hold on to those memories and cherish the beauty that can come when you give artists the chance to transform moments into mementos. You may not be able to get a week out of the wedding, but you can definitely get some pretty spectacular art out of the whole thing!

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