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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The NotWedding: The Real/Kind-Of-Fake Deal

On Monday, February 17th, we had the awesome opportunity to take part once again in Atlanta's The NotWedding bridal show! Just for a little recap, The NotWedding is an interactive bridal show in the form of a "big, fake wedding". Vendors from the area come in, strut their stuff, and brides-to-be get to see them in action! 

If you're engaged, it's a VERY cool opportunity to get a hands-on introduction to local vendors and fun ideas. 

Recently engaged Atlanta-native and future Bloomin' Bouquets bride, Sam Kloster, attended this year's event. We checked in with her to see what she thought of the whole experience!


Bloomin': Who went with you to this year's NotWedding?

  • Sam: I actually made it a girls night out with two of my best friends, both named Sarah! We are all engaged, and are all getting married this year, so it was the perfect opportunity to bond over wedding planning and have some fun seeing a wedding in action by vendors we may want to use.

Bloomin': What was your favorite part?

  • Sam: The food was amazing - haha! But besides that, it was really neat to have a whole bunch of vendors in one place at the same time. We could see the big picture, which is hard to do sometimes picking between so many different choices. It was just so creative! They all had booths, so if you liked what was happening, you could go up and talk to them about it. I loved how interactive it felt. 
           Oh, and a couple got engaged! A REAL couple! It happened right after the fake ceremony, and
           it was really fun to see.

Bloomin': Did you find any vendors to use from this event for your wedding!?  Any ideas?

  • Sam: Oh yes! Tons of great ideas! And three vendors I loved! I was already planning on using Bloomin' Bouquets, but I also found a wedding planner and a wedding invitation company that I think I'm going to use!

Bloomin': We can't wait for your wedding in November! Did it help you with your flower choices to see real examples in a wedding setting? 

  • Sam: Definitely. [Bloomin' Bouquets Florist] Sarah took me around to the different tables and flower arrangements, and I got to tell her what I liked the most and what I could picture at my wedding. It was also really exciting to me to see how beautiful everything was... I can't wait to figure out all the details for my wedding!


We had so much fun meeting other vendors, connecting with the wedding community, and forming relationships with future brides! 

Check out this beautiful video of the event by Incer Studios Films below - you can even see the surprise engagement! 

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