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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Someone Cute

You don't have to have a flower girl at your wedding --  but if you do, man-oh-man - aren't they ADORABLE?!

Choosing a flower girl can be a great way to honor the daughter of a family member or friend! And if you're going to have a little girl be a big part of your wedding day, you'll definitely want to help make her role go as smoothly as possible. Here are some helpful hints we've compiled for you to think about with your flower girl:

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  • On average, flower girls are aged between 4 and 10 years. Any younger, you may not be able to direct her in her very important role, and any older, she may feel better suited to take on a more mature role like junior bridesmaid or reader.
  • Traditionally, the flower girl's parents pay for her dress. But don't be afraid to tell the parents what kind of dress you want her to wear! Sometimes it's a miniature mimic of the bride's dress, but it can really be whatever adorable little style you like.
  • More importantly, make sure her dress and shoes are comfortable. You don't want your flower girl fidgeting with her dress the whole time she's walking down the aisle, or worse (but certainly still adorable) pulling her dress up above her head instead of sprinkling those rose petals. You might even try having your flower girl help you pick out her little dress to ensure her comfort and happiness! And it helps her understand how important her role is for your big day.
  • Give her plenty of time to get comfortable with her role. Have her parents rehearse with her, and assign a bridesmaid to be her buddy for the day. That way, she'll feel less nervous and more excited about performing her duties! Inviting her to the rehearsal can help her feel comfortable, as well.
  • Having more than one flower girl is definitely an option! There are no rules saying you can only have one, and having 2 or 3 girls working together may also help them feel more confident about their roles and taking those sometimes-intimidating steps down the aisle.
  • Make sure you let her know when you ask her that being your flower girl is a very important role, and she will be expected to smile a lot for pictures! It is important to remind her on the day-of and thank her for helping to make your day so special. She'll be more likely to stand still and smile longer if she is asked by the beautiful bride in advance.
  • Don't panic if your flower girl runs down the aisle or starts crying - or dumps the flower petals over her head. There's nothing cuter than a little girl in an adorable dress, so your guests are sure to be charmed no matter what happens.
  • Lastly, your flower girls can perform whatever role you want them to. They can spread flower petals from a basket, they can blow bubbles, or they can simply walk with a miniature bouquet of flowers up to the altar. She can wear a wreath around her head, she can wear a corsage, or both! Your florist will have plenty of ideas.

    It's your day! Your flower girl will just help make it a little cuter!

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