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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Part 1: Why Your Expensive Flowers Are Not Expensive At All

As a bride-to-be, I know that whenever the word "wedding" is associated with anything, the price is just bound to double. Whether its transportation or cake, I'm warming up my wallet before I head in for pricing. But some things, like flowers, aren't inflated. Some things, like flowers, really do warrant the cost... probably even more than what you're paying for them.

In this Part 1 of a series to be continued, I want to show you how your money is being spent when you pay your florist. I'm pulling back that curtain and showing you that those flowers that seem oh-so-expensive are actually just the opposite --- a bloomin' good deal!

We'll start with the product - those magnificent flowers that make it into your beautiful bouquet and onto the reception tables. It's truly incredible the physical journey your flowers go on throughout the wedding process. Somewhere in the world, right now, flowers are being planted, nurtured, and harvested for a bride like you. Maybe even your flowers. The love and care needed to grow these beautiful blossoms is immense. From soil to ceremony, there is a lot of labor that goes in to making sure those flowers grow and stay radiant. 
  • First, after figuring out all of the important details of the flower designs like specific species and stem counts, your florist will call a wholesaler. This wholesaler will be your lifeline from the greenhouse to your designer. 
  • The wholesaler will then take the list and count and start searching far and wide, many times halfway around the world, to find your specific blossoms in a flower auction.
  • After finding those flowers, a buyer will purchase them, and ship them to the wholesaler. The wholesaler will then sort and package your order and send the flowers to your florist. 
  • Your florist then receives the shipment and begins the creative and labor-intensive process of putting them all together! 
Just the travel alone is mind-boggling. It's amazing to think that in that bouquet you'll be carrying, there could be flowers that traveled all the way from Holland just for your big day! All the labor, care, and worldwide shipping make the price to actually buy the flowers seem like a pretty good deal. 

Knowing where your money is being spent is an important detail, and we want to make sure you understand exactly what you're paying for! Next blog, we'll talk about how it truly is a "you get what you pay for" industry - and how to give yourself realistic expectations and a realistic budget. 

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