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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Getting Creative with Your Centerpieces

When thinking about flowers for your wedding, you probably first think about your bouquet. As you should! You're the bride and you and your flowers should look magnificent! But what about your guests? If you're serving dinner, they're going to spend a fair amount of time sitting at the tables at your reception. There are tons of creative ideas for sculpting beautiful and interesting centerpieces that you're guests will enjoy and talk about time and time again after your big day!

Here are a few fun ideas inspired by renowned event planner Colin Cowie for you to keep in mind when talking with your florist about centerpieces:

  • Make your arrangements sturdy! Drinks will be flowing, abundantly in many cases, so it's inevitable that guests will bump into the tables at the reception at some point during the night. And you definitely don't want those arrangements falling over.
  • Think outside the box! Table arrangements don't have to be made only of flowers (or made of any flowers if you don't want them). Think peaches for summer, green and red apples for fall, brooches, twigs, etc... the possibility are endless.
  • Vary the design. Change up the style of your centerpieces from table to table! How fun to have different centerpieces linked together by one theme. Variety will also make the room feel dynamic and unique.
  • Keep it consistent with the wedding. Absolutely be creative, but keep your theme in mind when determining your ideal centerpieces. Frosted pinecones don't fit for the month of July, nor peaches in your Winter Wonderland-themed wedding!
  • Try working with your florist or lighting designer to highlight your centerpieces. Many florists use candles in their centerpieces to bring light to the table and highlight the beautiful designs. Lighting designers can do even more with features like overhead spotlights.

Photos: Top Left - Angel Wings, Top Right: Katey Penton, Bottom: Melissa Prosser

There are so many fun and creative centerpiece ideas to think about when deciding what you want at your wedding. Your table arrangements are the foundation for your reception space design, so think of them as the perfect opportunity to execute your post-ceremony vision!

To read more about centerpiece ideas, visit Colin Cowie's website

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