Bloomin' Bouquets

Monday, July 14, 2014

Florist to Our Friends

As a wedding vendor, there's a lot of pressure to make every event as perfect as can be. It's not just an annual office party or family get-together, it's a wedding: a once-in-a-lifetime-if-you’re-so-lucky, magical day full of happiness and love and months and months worth of anticipation. And wedding vendors have to be spot on, each and every time, because there are no do-overs, no “next time”. It’s exciting! And the overwhelming joy absolutely outweighs the pressure. What an amazing thing to be a part of! And we love it even more when we get to participate in a wedding of one of our friend’s or family member’s, or their children.

Bloomin’ Bouquets recently had the pleasure of doing the flowers for a wedding of a dear family friend of our talented florist Sarah's. The bride, Katie Devos Littlejohn, was a neighbor of Sarah’s family and was childhood best friends with her daughter. Since Sarah has known Katie since she was in elementary school, Sarah was thrilled to be a part of the big day! The wedding, especially the bride, was stunning.

Out of about 50 weddings that Bloomin’ Bouquets does in a year, we usually know only a handful of the brides and their families. Every bride deserves the most beautiful, perfect wedding day - and while it’s a treat when we know the couple, it can also add a bit more pressure. You want everything “just right,” and Katie’s wedding was exactly that!


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