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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A Fresh Breath

(Photo Credit: Mike Moon)
Sometimes as a florist, or any vendor for that matter, the elements of nature do not work in your favor. We went up to the venue to unload two wine barrels by the altar where the ceremony took place. As we began to unload, we noticed that we only had a hand dolly with no man power to help move these 120 pound barrels and as inconspicuous as you try to be, it’s just impossible with such a large piece. We placed two large floral arrangements upon the barrels and as soon as we began to walk away, gale force winds came over the hill knocking over one of our arrangements.  Almost instantly we heard a thud followed by the crunching of floral stems and we stopped dead in our tracks.  It’s one of those times where you know what just happened, but you would almost rather walk away and pretend that it never did. We held our breath as we turned around and thankfully; the elements of nature were kinder to us than we thought. We re-arranged some of the stems and placed the arrangements on the ground where they would stand stronger.

For all the times that 2014 might have worn us out and beat us around, we cannot help but find ourselves thankful. As we have reflected on 2014, we are thankful for our team that makes ‘work’ fun, clients that make ‘work’ easy, vendors that make ‘work’ simple, and all the other tiny sparkly things around us that make life more beautiful.  No matter what inconvenient circumstances come your way this New Year, they can always be an opportunity for a fresh breath. This year will be full of good things, let’s try to remind each other of that more often!

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