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Monday, September 14, 2015

Brandon + Alyssa

 (Photography by: Alea Moore)

Brandon + Alyssa had the sweetest wedding at the Peachtree Club in downtown Atlanta. This venue has unparalleled skyline views that is paired with a luxurious European vibe. However, no matter how beautiful the venue, it is just not as beautiful as the couple getting married. Wedding photographer Alea Moore, wrote this about the sweet couple, “These two are both teachers, and we excitedly chatted about the many many summers ahead that they would have off together to work on their new home, having a couple months where they both get to sleep in, hanging out at the pool together, go abroad and work at a scooter shop situated right on the beach you know all the perks of being teachers.” We love to know more about our couples and their personal lives! 

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