Bloomin' Bouquets

Friday, September 2, 2016


(Photography by: Paige Molina)

We know that Thanksgiving is still a few months away, but we just really like being thankful around here and this week, we are most thankful for YOU. Most weeks it is normal for us to receive a review or two in our inbox from previous clients and of course we respond with an email of personal thanks to them directly. However, we wanted to extend that publicly here as well. There is always time to be thankful and we have found that having a heart of gratitude invites more to be thankful for. None of us would be successful in this industry if it did not start with the friends and family supporting us, the vendors investing in friendship, the early clients who took a chance on us and the now clients who let us make their wedding days beautiful. Thank you all for your kindness in letting us into some of the most personal places of your lives and for sharing your love with us. We would cease to exist if it was not for you and for you we say thank you today. A day like any other, but a day that can be different in time because the state of our heart is set on gratitude. Let that change your heart today too by letting someone know why you are thankful for them! So from our team to you & yours, THANK YOU, thank you for making our job fun and our hearts full!

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