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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Spring Foraging Workshop

I’ve been working in the wedding industry for a grand total of five years now. More specifically, working with flowers for two and I’m sorry to say that I had not attended a workshop until this past month. Terrible, I know. In my defense I’ve been focused on the task at hand rather than committing the extra time to networking and learning ventures such as workshops. Nevertheless, Amanda Jewel’s Spring Foraging Workshop opened my eyes to a whole new facet of the creative industry that I was obviously missing out on.  

Amanda grew up on a farm and is simply inspired by nature. She’s been designing flowers since high school and more recently has opened the most mesmerizing studio in Tucker, where her workshop was held. The friends of Johns Park Homestead and Amanda Jewel Floral Design collaborated to host the forging workshop. I asked Amanda what her vision was for the workshop and this is what she said, “I want people to be confident in creating their own masterpiece. It doesn't take skill but it really just takes a whole lot of confidence. My goal is to teach people confidence and knowledge of what is in their own backyard.” 

After spending the first part of the workshop foraging, gathering and creating, we wrapped up the afternoon back at the studio. We ooh'd and ah'd over what Amanda and her team have done with their studio space, nibbling on cheese and crackers, and chatting with other flower lovers. After I left I couldn't stop thinking about the day. I felt very inspired, I made a beautiful spring arrangement, I learned about new foliage, and met some very cool people. Thank you to Amanda Jewel Floral Design for being a huge inspiration and inviting me to my first flower workshop. It was a wonderful way to spend a Saturday. 

-Jacqueline Foresta

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