Bloomin' Bouquets

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Buck + Kayla

(Photography by: Tessa Marie)

Buck + Kayla's wedding was one of our first of 2016!  Their wedding photographer Tessa put it best in her blog, Kayla and Buck met in college and hit it off pretty quickly. She’s supported and followed him all over the country and cheered for him with the same excitement and love from college to some of the biggest games of his career. He’s her calm and steady and loves this woman so. It’s clear to see just how much love and admiration he has for her in the way he looks at her when their eyes meet.” We love working at the Foxhall Stables and their ceremony backdrop has been one of our favorites of the year; the delicate sheer draping to the greenery holding it back and draping to the floor. This wedding was surely a beautiful celebration!

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