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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Why You Need A Planner For Your Wedding

(Photo by: Anna K)

At some point in our lives we will be a part of or attend a wedding where things just did not go right. Maybe someone forgot to get a cake knife and server, the bridal party was not queued to go down the aisle at the right time, a vendor was not set before the wedding began, the bartender keeps serving drinks after guests were supposed to be cut off, the transportation that is shuttling guests arrives too early or too late, the food at the reception runs out, you forgot to pay a vendor on the day of the wedding, one table at the reception is missing décor because it was overlooked, and our most favorite is when you and your mother in law have two different visions for how the wedding should look or you and your fiancé have a disagreement for what type of food you want served at your reception.

While we can look back and laugh at some of those statements mentioned above because it happened to a us or a friend, we found ourselves at Bloomin' a part of these crazy circumstances on weddings that did not have a planner. So, we have recently updated our wedding website to say that we are only serving brides who already have or are in the process of booking a professional wedding planner. There is this common misconception about the lack of what planners do for you, your family, and your wedding, so we wanted to talk a little bit about this and give three reasons for why we are now only working with brides who have planners, not just day of coordinators.

1. Budget
Most newly engaged couples are working on a budget for their wedding (as you should since the possibilities are endless) but we know that your first thought is going to be that you do not need a planner because it’s unnecessary. However, not having a planner can actually be one of the most hurtful things to your budget. Without one, you might end up overspending because no one is keeping a close track on the budget and we all know Aunt Betty that you got to day of coordinate is not going to be paying attention to the budget because that is not her job. A planner also knows the best vendors in the industry, so they can help you book the best ones for your budget.

2. Vendor Relationship
As we mentioned above, planners know the best vendors in the industry, but even further than that, they maintain all the communication with vendors so you do not have to. A planner will send out of the timeline to all vendors so we know what time to be at the venue, where we can load in, when we need to be done setting up and when we need to be done cleaning up after the wedding is over. They give us all this information without us having to ask for it most times and without us having to go to you, as the bride, with unnecessary questions. This makes not only your life and inbox neater, it helps us as a vendor tremendously by having a go to person who is extremely knowledgeable about your dreams and how to make it happen.

3. Creative Direction
If you were thinking about hiring a day of coordinator because you can plan out everything from table décor to reception music, we would encourage you to think again. A planner is available to you during the entire engagement and planning process. They help you to creatively narrow down all of the hundreds of pictures you have looked through of how you want the whole day to look and feel. They can step in when you and your fiancé are stuck on a decision to make by helping you make the most informed and budget conscious one. They handle all the logistics of the entire day, so you can focus on the fun part of the wedding like your dress and the simple fact that you’re GETTING MARRIED!

Overall, your wedding will be one of the most unforgettable days of your life and we want you + your family to enjoy it fully by being stress free on that day. Hire a planner who knows the ins and outs of everything so no one is confused the day of your wedding and you are free from making decisions. Let them take on the full time work of planning so you do not have to! It is their job and they love making your day the most beautiful. If you are a current bride who does not have a planner, please see our recommendations on our website here!


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  2. thank you, sarah! I just recently saw some of the photos that (our) sarah showed me, GORGEOUS, can't wait to share them!